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Machinery Risk Assessments. 


You might beleive that the brand new CE/UKCA marked equipment you are operating in your factory is compliant. However what we're finding a lot of, is that european manufacturers are self certifying installations that are simply not. In short, you could be unknowingly putting your workforce at unnecessary risk.

In order to better protect your workforce we strongly recommend using a third-party verifyer to complete a PUWER Risk Assessment on all new equipment before it goes into production. This will give you peace of mind that when you need to use your equipment it will be safe and legal to use. As a side effect you will usually find the quality of your equipment will be improved due to the requirements of UK/EU legislation.

New Machinery

Industrial zone, Steel pipelines, valves and gauges

If you need a new machine or piece of equipment for your process, we can design, build and install. All machinery will come with a set of O&M manuals and a certificate of compliance with the relevant standards. From simple conveyance and Material Handling Equipment to value adding systems and processes. If you have a requirement, you are in the right place. 

Machinery Modifications

Engineer Working on Desktop Computer, Screen Showing CAD Software with Engine 3D Model, Her Male Project Manager Explains Job Specifics. Industrial Design Engineering Facility Office

There's a multitude of reasons you would want to modify a machine or peice of equipment. There are also a handful of situations where you NEED to modify a peice of equipment or a machine. In either scenario we can help, whether it's a build to a customers design or a simple idea that needs a solution. 

We will validate any changes we make to ensure the safety function of the machine is not compromised and the equipment will still comply with BS EN standards.

Snagging New Machinery

Futuristic Car Factory Digitalization Industry 4.0: Female Automotive Engineer Using Augmented Reality Tablet Computer to Scan Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line Manufacturing Electric Vehicles

It's important to catch defects as early in the build as possible, to enable your installer to swiftly make the necessary changes, without impacting the delivery of the project. If your organisation needs support, we're available to snag and work either directly with the installer or with you as the customer to get the snags closed out. We don't just point out failings, we will indicate the necessary changes required to make the equipment BS/EN compliant.

Machinery Handovers

Modern automated beer bottling production line.

Handover can be a stressful time. We can help alleviate the stress by checking and ensuring the handover documents supplied are complete and acceptable. From Operating and Maintenance Manuals to CE & UKCA marking we can make sure you get the right information on completion.

We don't JUST do automation. For electrical installations, Building Management Systems (BMS), security and Fire and Life systems we can help! Reach out today for a free no obligation quotation.